What is the meaning of Lila Tandava?

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What is the meaning of Lila Tandava?
Lila Tandava ('lee-la' 'tan-duh-vah') is defined as the creative and playful dance of life. A life dance which is filled with likes and dislikes, joys and sorrows.

The dance of Lila Tandava is a cultivation which includes curiosity, participation and witnessing. A spiritually guided process of unfolding ourselves into richer layers of beingness and becoming. A process that allows us to become more embodied, more full of our own inner fire, unique luster and self expression. 

To learn this dance, we engage in a transformation which allows, anticipates and appreciates the full spectrum of life experience. We learn to master this dance by transmuting rage and joy into spiritual fuel to inspire ourselves and others in meaningful ways. 
For me training others to become teachers is only meaningful when it invites others into their truth, which includes their shadows, as well as, their joys. I have found that looking under the rock and behind the curtain are the most powerful and potent teaching tools because it is the key to unlocking humility and compassion. Seeing ourselves enables us to see others.  
There is a line between what is relevant, what is honest and what has yet to be transmuted into spiritual food, teacher training is a process in learning how to bridge that gap. How to turn raw emotion into insight and inspiration.
I have found that what has been most meaningful is the profound ways in which teacher training impacts our relationships, the way we think, the way we eat, the way we relate to our bodies.  
Suddenly, meditation isn't a chore, it's a quiet moment with your most intimate friend and the choices that sustain our physical goals belie a natural extension of self love and self care.
This is what I strive to share.  It is my passion, my purpose and my joy.