Gaia Weaving~ Level I Sept 10th-13th, 2015

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I'm still suprised that forces exist to undermine the efforts of the green movement. These forces include marketing strategists co-opting the Yoga community and turning it into another commodity to buy, use and dispose of. In the current model the alternative for ecologically minded people is to be a better consumer, to buy organic, buy solar, buy certain brands, buy a hybrid, recycle the things you buy, buy, buy, buy. All of these things, while necessary, still fall under the model of consumption. Clearly this is not enough. Better consumption practices address the surface and do not affect the kind of change truly needed. 


My dear friend Cassandra Purdy and I have been developing a program in collaboration with Whole System Design to re-empower people by steering them toward a lifestyle of green regeneration. Gaia Weaving, is a program designed to equip each individual with the skills and knowledge to tap into their own wellspring, this includes; growing and making herbal medicines, healing and avoiding illness through the nutritive power of food and herbs, affecting social change through non-purchasing power, planting designing and developing a multi-storied landscape of nutrition rich food in your backyard and enabling those who want to get off the grid with the skills and community to live a life free from dependency, if they so choose. This program is offered as either a relaxing informative retreat experience or a certification program.
For those who wish to deepen their knowledge and expertise Gaia Weaving will continue in five sequential levels. Upon completion of all five levels enrollees will receive a Gaia Weaving 100 hr. immersion certificate which can be applied toward the 300 hr. Lila Tandava Yoga TT 500 RYT certification. A 200 hr. certification is required to receive this advanced certification. 


Schedule Gaia Weaving Level I, Sept. 10-13th, 2015

Arrive Thursday by 12 PM leave Sunday by 2 PM
1:30-3:30 pm tour with Ben Falk 

Morning- Yoga practice, 7:30-8:45 
Meditation- 8:45-9:15
Silent Breakfast- 8:45-10:00 AM
Morning Workshops 10 AM-12 PM
Lunch (cooking demo)
Afternoon Workshop/Hike
Dinner (cooking demo)
Evening Meditation or free time

20 hours RYT Yoga
$435 for course
may include Lila Tandava RYT accreditation +$35
+$350 for single housing on-site
+$200 shared room at on-site
+$50 to sleep in your own tent
+$25 commuter fee for off-site accommodations

To find out more information about Permaculture and Whole System Design, please visit the website at:
To register for Gaia Weaving contact Colleen at:

Some more information about the concepts that inspired this movement:

In the Greek pantheon the Goddess Gaia, the personification of the Earth, was thought to be an endlessly regenerative resource from which all beings draw sustenance. In the Yogic philosophy of Tantric Shaivism we view our external surroundings as a reflection of our inner world. One of the primary goals of a practitioner is to lift the illusory veil that keeps us feeling separate from one another and our surroundings. Therefore, a Yogi's spiritual practice (sadhana) is to plant the seeds for transformation at every opportunity. The goal of this practice is to weave or loom the internal to the external to create more connection and more possibility. This work should permeate every level of our existence.


Gaian theory views, ecological gardening through the same ideological lens. Like the body the Earth itself is viewed as an organism with self-regulatory functions seeking to find better connections to work more efficiently and to provide bounty and sustenance to those who depend on her. Gaia hopes to nourish and nurture her precious offspring with unremitting grace. 

"Gaian hypotheses suggest that organisms co-evolve with their environment: that is, they "influence their abiotic environment, and that environment in turn influences the biota by Darwinian process". -Lovelock (1995) 

This series of workshops is designed to promote sustainability for all levels of interest from the simply curious to the person who longs to one day get off the grid completely. For more information please view the Gaia Weaving retreat information below. 

"The aim of permaculture is to design ecologically sound, economically prosperous human communities. It is guided by a set of ethics: caring for Earth, caring for people, and reinvesting the surplus that this care will create" -Toby Hemingway, Gaia's Garden


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